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Premier Tank Inc. has been in the business for 20+ years of building, repairing, and demolition of welded water storage tanks, welded fertilizer storage tanks, welded fuel storage tanks, welded oil storage tanks, and clarifiers.  The fabrication and rehabilitation of these tanks are performed per client specifications and done primarily on-location. We have worked with all the leading contractors and with many water districts through out the state of California.



Premier Tank Inc.


14625 Domart Ave.

Norwalk, CA 90650


Phone: (310) 729-8854


Fax: (562) 484-0604





Premier Tank Inc. is the leader in building and repairing , service, upgrades, and rebuilds for your water & wastewater equipment.

Our mission is to provide advanced solutions to our customers while setting the standard for quality and value. We strive to create and provide services to meet and exceed expectations in quality, reliability, delivery and cost.


Service – We attribute our success to what we consider a basic business principal: Treat customers the way you like to be treated. The desire to help customers has always been a cornerstone of our business.


Experience – The Premier Tank team has been in the welded water storage tanks and wastewater equipment business for decades. We've worked with most of the city water districts through out the state of California.


Expertise – We recruit the best and brightest in the industry. Our experience in the field over the last two decades has given us insight into ways in which to better solve your water problems and improve your equipment.


Savings – Premier Tanks Inc.can save you and your company money. We are one of the most competitive companies when it comes to quoting.



Specialize in new API and AWWA welded steel tanks from engineering, grading, foundation, piping, and painting the tank.

  Storage Tank repairs

  • Floor repair

  • Floor re-bottoms

  • Damage shell replacements

  • Rafter and Girder

  • Column replacements

  • Roof replacements


Seismic upgrades

  • Flex-tend piping

  • Anchor bolts

  • Anchor chairs

  • Rafter bracing

  • Cal Osha compliant safety upgrades


Mixing systems

  • Interior piping with tide flex and water flex valves.

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